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Body in White: 2015 Acura TLX – Part 1

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During my research time at the North American International Auto Show in January, I was able to get several good images of Body-In-White vehicles on display by the American Iron & Steel Institute.

I want to share several of these images with my fellow instructors. I think these images and several others I will make available, will be great to add to your training program; especially when discussing the new steels in modern-day vehicles.


The purple-color represents Hot Stamped Ultra-High Strength steels. It is actually one stamped side unit; not individual pieces. The green represents steel with a 980 KPa tensile strength. Even the tan color is 590 KPa tensile strength steel. You better have a new generation power cutter if you want to get through these Advanced Steels at a crash scene.


The tan-colored steel that continues along the Upper Rail structure represents 590 KPa tensile strength steel on this Acura TLX. Note that the A-pillar is covered with a styrofoam-like material to strengthen it even further. The purple instrument panel structure on this 2015 vehicle is constructed of magnesium.

I will be making additional Body-in-White images available over the next few weeks. I have good pictures of a Nissan Murano SUV Body-in-White and a new Chevy Colorado pickup truck structure to share with you in the future. Standby…!

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