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Ron Moore

Ron Moore retired as a Division Chief with the McKinney (TX) Fire Department and as a Training Chief with Prosper Fire Rescue. Although ‘retired’, he remains active and follows current Fire Service events.  He is now employed as a part-time Emergency Management Specialist with the City of Plano, TX.

Ron holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Fire Science (Summa Cum Laude) and continues to travel across the country conducting customized vehicle rescue & extrication training programs for passenger vehicles, bus vehicles, and large trucks. The most-requested training topic is Electric Vehicles.  Ron has a presentation addressing the Challenges of Electric Vehicles which looks at EV identification, ERGs, Fire suppression tactics and strategies.  Ron also offers an instructor Train-the-Trainer vehicle rescue course based on NFPA 1006 & 1670 standards.  As a Master Instructor for the Federal Highway Administration, Ron also specializes in presenting highway safety, struck-by, and Traffic Incident Management classes for police, fire/rescue, EMS, and tow operators.

Ron is the author of 303 published articles in the renowned University of Extrication series, featured each month in Firehouse Magazine and is the moderator of the University of Extrication interactive section of the Firehouse.com website.

In 1984, he received the International Society of Fire Service Instructors George D. Post Instructor of the Year award for developing the first school bus rescue training program in the United States.

In 2000, Ron was awarded the International Association of Fire Chief’s “Excellence in Rescue” award for his work in the field of vehicle rescue.

Ron received the 2015 Community Hero Award from the American Iron & Steel Institute. The recognition is for his efforts in educating first responders and other emergency workers on cutting through steel parts made from Advanced Ultra-High Strength steel.

Ron self-published the University of Extrication training manual titled ‘Vehicle Rescue 1-2-3’. It is a 100% completely illustrated, full-color training manual depicting step-by-step practices and procedures for accomplishing NFPA 1006 and 1670 Ops and Technician-level vehicle rescue and extrication tasks. Vehicle Rescue 1-2-3 is out-of-print as a hardcopy document although several electronic versions remain available. This information within Vehicle Rescue 1-2-3 forms the basis of his instructor train-the-trainer program delivered upon request at fire department locations across the country.

Ron Moore contact info by email is [email protected]