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Frequently Asked Questions

Class Size Limitations

Classroom settings, workshop programs, or Large Group presentations have no class size limitations other than the seated capacity of the facility where the program will be presented. A Large Group seminar for example, may involve several hundred participants in the auditorium of a local high school for a full day of training programs.

With only one instructor, the maximum number of participants for any of the Hands-On skills programs can range from 12 participants to a maximum class size of 20. If the need is for more personnel to receive Hands-On training, additional University of Extrication Assistant Instructors are hired. Class maximum is 40 personnel. As class size increases for a Hands-on program, logistics such as the number of junk vehicles needed, amount of rescue equipment that must be provided, and the size of the skills training area increase as well.

Hands-on skills sessions with a student enrollment of up to 20 can be taught by Ron Moore as the Lead Instructor. The Host Agency must provide Safety Officers(5), a Logistics Officer(1), personnel to run a Rehab Group and staffing of a dedicated EMS Group.

For car, bus, or truck Hands-On skills training, the maximum class size can be increased from 20 participants to 40 with the addition of one assistant University of Extrication instructor. For a Hands-On class size of 60 participants, two additional University of Extrication instructors assist Lead Instructor Moore in the delivery of the program.

Host Agency Requirements

Host agency provides a classroom setting with computer, an LCD projector and a screen for all inside training deliveries. For Hands-On skills training programs, the Host Agency should provide a classroom setting close to the practical work site to organize the day’s activities and for critique at the end of the training. In addition, an adequate work area is needed along with ample rescue tools and equipment for the participants, refreshments for the breaks, adequate Safety Officers to monitor the skills training, a Rehab Group, and EMS standby personnel. The Host Agency also handles all student enrollment and registration.

Program Instructor Costs

Instructional costs of a University of Extrication training program are $3,500 per teaching day for the Lead Instructor. A one-day program instructor fee is $3,500 and a two-day program is $6,000 plus expenses.

In addition to instructor fees are costs for roundtrip airfare to/from Dallas, parking costs for a personal vehicle at the DFW airport, lodging in your area, and rental vehicle costs (if necessary).

The honorarium for each additional University of Extrication instructor required to assist Lead Instructor Moore is $1,500 per teaching day plus their necessary costs of airfare to/from DFW and local lodging.

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