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Ron Moore retired as a Division Chief with the McKinney (TX) Fire Department. He is now employed part-time with the Prosper, TX Fire Rescue and the Plano Fire Rescue. Ron is the author of now over 200 published articles in his renowned University of Extrication series, featured each month in Firehouse Magazine and is the moderator of the University of Extrication interactive section of the Firehouse.com website.

Vehicle Rescue Size-Up Training

vehicle rescue, head-on collision, extrication, vehicle rescue size-up

The vehicle vs. vehicle head-on collision killed the lone driver occupant. As we examine some of the damage to the Mustang, we’ll correlate the damage and vehicle structural failures to potential entrapment problems and extrication work that might have to be accomplished at a crash scene.

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Steering Wheel Airbag Stored Gas Inflator

stored gas inflator, airbags, vehicle rescue, extrication,

This University of Extrication Newsletter sets out to give vehicle rescue instructors the ability to accurately answer an airbag question. Knowing most driver’s airbag units have sodium azide chemical in their inflator unit, inevitably someone will ask “So which airbag ...

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Double Life for Recip Saw Blades

reciprocating saw

This University of Extrication Newsletter takes a look at a feature on a typical reciprocating saw that many rescue teams have but don’t use. The feature is the adjustable shoe. Most rescuers usually disregard it and simply run with the ...

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“Strip the Trim” at Every Roof Cut

The focus of this Instructor Newsletter is to reinforce the need for vehicle rescue team members to understand why roof removal tasks require the crew to “strip the trim”. This simple action can make a big difference in safety at ...

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‘Reading’ the Seatbelt Pretensioner

Seatbelt Pretensioner Deployed

Vehicle rescue instructors should remind participants in your training classes, especially if they are EMS-oriented responders, about how they can 'read' a seatbelt pretensioner system and may be able to get a sort of second opinion about whether their patient was or was not wearing their seatbelt.

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2015 Chevy VOLT Extended-range, Electric Plug-in Vehicle “Cut-away”

With the passenger's side removed, the interior shows the lithium ion high-voltage battery running along the center of the vehicle. In this 2015 VOLT, the rear seat is now a three-seater, making this a 5-passenger vehicle with 8 airbags.

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2015 Ford Raptor: Rear Hinged Doors

The 2015 Ford Raptor pickup truck is yet another example of a vehicle having rear-hinged rear doors. Instead of the typical design where the rear doors are attached to the B-pillar, the Raptor’s rear doors open rearward.

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Breeching Through Obstructed Door

Here’s an interesting challenge to present to your rescue crews next time you are conducting your next extrication training. Position an acquired vehicle with one closed and locked front door near enough to a fixed object so that it is too close for the door to actually be opened normally.

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Seat Cushion Airbag

A new technology item that is appearing more and more is the ‘Seat Cushion Airbag’. In the past two years, seat cushion airbags have become popular as an new way of protecting occupants in front seats during a frontal collision.

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