Jacking Shoring PowerPoint


This is a 19-slide PowerPoint program that explains hood forcible entry procedures when initiating a latch or hinge attack on the hood. Pages 97-99 in the Vehicle Rescue 1-2-3 book.


The Jacking and Shoring information is on pages 111-115 in the Vehicle Rescue 1-2-3 book.

This PowerPoint program begins with the passenger vehicle on its’ wheel with the pedestrian struck-type scenario and transitions to use of liftbags (airbags) and struts for jacking and shoring side-resting and roof-resting vehicles.

The PowerPoint includes all the images from the appropriate pages of the book. On each slide is a text box that contains the two or three sentences that appear with that picture in the book. There are also Instructor Notes for the slides with training tips, recommendations, advice on presenting the info, and more.


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