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Vehicle Rescue Training Programs

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Feel free to contact Ron about any of his hands-on or lecture programs.

The following information provides an overview of the various types of vehicle rescue presentations, workshops, and seminars available from Ron Moore and his University of Extrication. The content and delivery of all presentations is designed to specifically address NFPA #1006 Standard vehicle rescue competencies. All training programs coincide with Vehicle Rescue 1-2-3, the training textbook written by Ron Moore.

Programs can be delivered in a classroom setting, as a large group workshop, or delivered to a large audience in an auditorium-type setting.  All University of Extrication programs can be customized in length to fit a one-hour, 90-minute, half-day of full day timeframe. Combinations of various training modules can fill an entire day for a “large group” setting. Presentations delivered as hands-on classes are typically one day(8-hour) or two days(16-hour) in length. The Hands-On programs can be presented on either weekdays or weekend days at the discretion of the Host Agency.

University of Extrication programs are delivered all across the United States and Canada. Most of the University of Extrication programs are customized programs delivered for a specific department or for one ‘Host’ department with mutual aid, neighboring departments invited in to attend and participate.

“Leave Behind” Material
As a bonus, the Host Agency is provided with a CD-ROM that includes all the University of Extrication PowerPoint programs used during the training plus personal instructor notes, skills sheets, resource materials, etc. Permission is granted to the Host Agency to freely duplicate this disc and provide to each participating agency as a seminar handout for local department training purposes.

Classroom, Workshop & Large Group Presentation Programs

Topics listed under this heading are organized into presentations lasting from 60 minutes to up to three(3) hours. As stand-alone programs, they are a great fit for a conference or workshop-type program schedule. It is these types of training modules that are delivered at conferences such as Firehouse Expo and Firehouse World. Combined into a full 8-hour training day, these topics can be presented in an auditorium setting for an audience of 100-400+ participants, for example. Although the Host Agency can decide what combination of University of Extrication training programs they want to request, the most popular arrangement for a one-day, Large Group program is listed below.

Emergency Procedures for Airbag-equipped Vehicles (3-hrs)
Static Display: New Vehicle Tour & Inspection (30 min)
Challenges Dealing with/Emergency Procedures for Electric Vehicles (2-hr)
Static Display: Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Tour & Inspection (30 min)
Safe Parking; Working In or Near Moving Traffic (1-hr)

Hands-On Skills Training Sessions

Vehicle Rescue Instructor | Train-the-Trainer

The University of Extrication Train-the-Trainer program is based upon Vehicle Rescue 1-2-3 training content and typically is a multi-day program for a limited number of instructor participants.