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Vehicle Rescue Size-Up Training

vehicle rescue, head-on collision, extrication, vehicle rescue size-up

The vehicle vs. vehicle head-on collision killed the lone driver occupant. As we examine some of the damage to the Mustang, we’ll correlate the damage and vehicle structural failures to potential entrapment problems and extrication work that might have to be accomplished at a crash scene.

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Steering Wheel Airbag Stored Gas Inflator

stored gas inflator, airbags, vehicle rescue, extrication,

This University of Extrication Newsletter sets out to give vehicle rescue instructors the ability to accurately answer an airbag question. Knowing most driver’s airbag units have sodium azide chemical in their inflator unit, inevitably someone will ask “So which airbag ...

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Double Life for Recip Saw Blades

reciprocating saw

This University of Extrication Newsletter takes a look at a feature on a typical reciprocating saw that many rescue teams have but don’t use. The feature is the adjustable shoe. Most rescuers usually disregard it and simply run with the ...

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