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This is a 10-slide PowerPoint program that addresses rescue procedures for dealing with underride situations as explained on page 177 in the Vehicle Rescue 1-2-3 book.

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This is a 10-slide ‘Underride’ scenario PowerPoint presentation that addresses potential rescue steps for dealing with an underride situation. There are several additional options however one fundamental process is detailed.  The scenario and the step-by-step solution is explained on page 177 in the Vehicle Rescue 1-2-3 book.

This brief PowerPoint program should be utilized after participants fully understand the Trunk Tunneling steps; pages 174-175. Because several of the fundamental steps to solve an under-ride scenario are related, the steps of ‘Trunk Tunneling’ may be used in either scenario; trunk or underride opening.

All images from page 177 of the book are within the file as full-screen color images. On each slide is a text box that contains the two or three sentences that appear with that picture in the book. There are also Instructor Notes for the slides with training tips, recommendations, advice on presenting the info, and more.


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