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Double Life for Recip Saw Blades

reciprocating saw

This University of Extrication Newsletter takes a look at a feature on a typical reciprocating saw that many rescue teams have but don’t use. The feature is the adjustable shoe. Most rescuers usually disregard it and simply run with the ...

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2015 Ford Raptor: Rear Hinged Doors

The 2015 Ford Raptor pickup truck is yet another example of a vehicle having rear-hinged rear doors. Instead of the typical design where the rear doors are attached to the B-pillar, the Raptor’s rear doors open rearward.

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Seat Cushion Airbag

A new technology item that is appearing more and more is the ‘Seat Cushion Airbag’. In the past two years, seat cushion airbags have become popular as an new way of protecting occupants in front seats during a frontal collision.

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Airbag Roof Inflator Safety for Responders

I have mentioned in the seminars I present that the most common location for stored gas airbag inflators for roof airbag systems is on or near the C-post of the vehicle. This information may be right if you look at the just four-door sedan vehicles only.

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Assessing the Windshield ‘Spider Web’

Remember, a ‘spider web’ on the windshield on the passenger’s side can be caused by three things; 1) unrestrained occupant contact, 2) airbag deployment, or 3) a flying object inside the vehicle.

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Roof-Resting Battery Shutdown

When training for vehicle rescue, responders consider electrical system shutdown a necessary task when working at a Real World injury accident; especially when occupants are trapped and extrication work must be accomplished.

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